24/25 School Year Rental Requests open- 5/1 school to school, 7/1 city requests, 7/15 public request

Rules and Regulations

As users of the Davis School District facilities, we assume all responsibility for the activity and will not violate any city, county or state law. We understand and agree to comply with all rental policies of the Davis School District, and any loss or damages to buildings, equipment or grounds as a result of this activity will be fully reimbursed including court costs or damages as a result of any suit which might be instituted by any person as a result of use of these facilities. 

The possession, distribution, control, use, sale, or arranging for the sale of an alcoholic
beverage shall not be permitted on school grounds as defined in Utah Code Ann. §32B-1-102;
2.1.5.  The possession, distribution, control, use, sale, or arranging for the sale of cigars,
cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or tobacco, shall not be permitted on school grounds as defined by Utah Code Ann. §76-10-101

The use of school buildings and grounds is granted pursuant to the Utah Civic Center statues at UCA 53A-3-413 to 414. Non-commercial use approval under this policy is a Permit under Civic Center statues and grants the District full legal immunity under the Governmental Immunity Act of Utah pursuant to UCA 63G-7-301.

 The Coordinator shall:
1. Charge for the use of facilities as outlined in the Rental Fee Schedule. 

2. Require commercial or non-profit users renting a District facility to provide a
Certificate of Insurance for liability and property damage before the event. The
Certificate shall be for one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and three
million dollars ($3,000,000) aggregate.

3. Require those renting facilities under the non-profit category to provide evidence
of a non-profit status. 

4. Collect rental fees in advance of the use.

Lessees must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and shall submit facility rental
requests and required documents through the District online scheduling program

 Additional charges apply for access to or use of school equipment (spotlights, computers,
DVD and televisions, microphones, projectors, pianos etc.) and supplies used by the
 Additional charges may apply, as determined by District Utility Services, for outdoor
lighting of fields, heating, and air conditioning.

 All rental time shall be computed from the time of requested opening to closing of the
doors. Persons lingering in the building shall be the responsibility of the lessee and
closing time shall be the time when all persons associated with the rental have left the
building. The fee will be adjusted for additional time.

 It shall be the responsibility of the lessee to assure that only authorized and rented
portions of the facilities are used. The fee will be adjusted for additional facilities used.

 Equipment, keys, and property shall not be loaned or removed from the building.

 Gymnasiums shall be rented only where adequate protection of the gym floor is assured
by the lessee. Lessees shall pay for any damage caused to the gym, equipment, or floor.

The assigned supervisor is responsible for oversight of the building and facilities during
the rental period. Buildings may not be left without such supervision while occupied.
In addition to the building supervision provided by the school, all rental groups
must provide supervision, who is at least twenty-one years of age, to maintain
order and prevent damage or loss of school property.

The lessee is subject to adherence to the standards of behavior of the school and Utah
State Law. Violation of any of these standards is grounds for termination of the permit and
use agreement and the immediate removal of those individuals associated with
the rental.  Violation may result in the forfeiting of all reserve amounts and additional
charges may be assessed.

 We hereby acknowledge having received, read and agree to abide by the Davis School District Facility Rental Permit and Use Policy.